Lite Guardian

lite guardian
Lite guardian is a family care platform of Sinocastel, mainly through the technical of the Internet of Things, to help the professional institutions and families who want to provide timely services and help for the family members, including the elderly, children, pets, vehicles (cars, motorcycles).

We use our expertise to apply military-grade satellite positioning technology to the household consumer field, to help the elderly, children, pets, private cars, and motorcycles in the family to achieve positioning and loss prevention. Therefore, our brand Lite Guardian was born. Lite Guardian Product also designs different management solutions for various industries, such as cold chain, urban distribution, and driving behavior analysis.

Brand Vision

Being the leading brand for family IOT,knowing better of you and your families.

Brand Value

Being the expert of the family guardian management with Love anytime anywhere.

Brand Mission

Create valuable product, make technology to be guardian of all families.

To Family:Guard you anytime anywhere.
To Distributor:Sacrifice continuous margin return
To Employee:Dedicator oriented,offer wide developing space
To society:Promote social harmony,bring one more warm to every family.

Globally,numbers of lost children & seniors & pets are Staggering each year,however numbers of reunited ones are very limited. Pain of losing families occupied people's daily life.

Lite Guardian, with 30 years' experience in GPS system & wireless communication & IOT solutions field, decided to change the current serious situation by applying military-industrial level positioning system technology to consumer electronics product, making a whole-new family guardian business brand--Lite Guardian.

Lite Guardian offers the turn-key solution for global family IOT service with its unique hardware (kids gps watch, senior gps watch, pet gps tracker and car gps tracker,motorcycly gps tracker, asset gps tracker etc. )& mobile APP & Strong & Safe backend system. The Goal is to guard each of family members globally.

Lite Guardian FAQs

A: Lite Guardian is an IoT platform based on family members. Which adopts a distributed architecture.The data on the platform is encrypted to store and transmit.
A: Each device only charges 3 US dollars platform service fee per year.
A: The server is in Germany, The data on the Lite Guardian platform is encrypted by MD5/AES , and backups and remote disaster recovery are performed regularly to ensure data security.
A: Yes ,We can print partners` logo in APP. eg:(Partners` logo & Powered by Lite Guardian) or (Lite Guardian logo & Powered by Partners)
A: Yes,We can help integrate the protocol to add third-party products.
A: 1 0 Invest on R&D;
2 Strong technical team to provide service support. Partners are responsible for local market operations, we are responsible for providing the entire technical support services.
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