Employee Profile

Stanley is the technical support of our company's overseas sales department. Using his professional knowledge to help sales and customers solve a series of problems gives him a sense of accomplishment.

An HR Specialist is a professional responsible for monitoring all Human Resource functions. We invite Wanzhen Chen, the senior HR specialist of the company, to share her experience in our company.

Operations engineers play an important role in our company, they not only need to ensure the continuous operation of the company's Internet and the normal work of the platform servers but also need to support the stable work of research and development.

As an industrial and trade company, logistics is an indispensable part of the company's business to ensure that the products are successfully produced, shipped, and transported to customers.

"I noticed that the people around me were all professional and experienced. Young people can not only learn a lot from them but also inject new blood into the company and bring some new ideas."

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