Thoughts after participating in the GS Spring Exhibition

Thoughts after participating in the GS Spring Exhibition

May 11, 2024

It has been almost a month since we participated in the Hong Kong GS Show (Spring). The show has received a lot of traffic, which makes us very happy.☺️

Our booth is located in the center of Hall 7. Our booth is second only to the Korean pavilion. We made many new friends this time.

Our products are mainly OBD, vehicle GPS tracker, asset tracker, dashcam and personal gps tracker. We are the first manufacturer in China to enter the OBD industry. We met many old friends, new customers, and partners at the exhibition, which made our exhibition not boring at all, but full of motivation.

The care of old customers made our booth crowded with guests. For a while, the small booth could no longer stand, and our marketing was directly squeezed into other booths.

We have to mention our old friend Wialon here. They were the first to discover our booth and came over to chat. They also introduced new friends to us along the way. I think this is one of the meanings of the exhibition.

It's been a while since the Spring Exhibition. We'll see you again at the Autumn Exhibition. We look forward to meeting more friends!👏👏