Cat.M1 / 4G GPS Tracker for Car/Ebike/Scooter/Motorcycle

LT-163L is a 4G / Cat.M1 car GPS Tracker with wide range voltage input and built-in GPS/LTE antenna. The GPS tracking device is ideally suitable for all common vehicles in the anti-theft and GPS tracking solutions.

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3G Waterproof Asset / Container GPS Tracker

LT-168W is an intelligent waterproof on-board diagnostic device compatible with passenger and commercial vehicles, it features plug-and-play technology, could diagnostic info from vehicle ECU and capture location data, then send them to backend server for real-time remote diagnostic and tracking purpose.

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Mini Vehicle / Motorcycle / Scooter GPS Tracker

LT-162J is Vehicle/Motorcycle/Scooter GPS Tracking Device, with this vehicle GPS tracking device, you can get key insights into your fleet operations, maintenance needs and costs for improved performance results.

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Vehicle Hardwired GPS Tracker FAQs

Yes! Sinocastel hardwired GPS tracker can report the real-time location according the time interval ,distance,heading change.
Yes! Our hardwired gps tracking devices for cars are functional from -30°C to +70°C
The hardwired vehicle tracking devices use the cellular networks to transmit data back to servers. All the location are obtained using a minimum of 4 satellites. We offer service on many telecom operators which support 2G/3G/4G network, such as AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. If you have a preference let us know when you make an order.
Yes! The hardwired vehicle gps tracker installs with a simple three wire connection.
The hardwired GPS vehicle tracker has a simple 3 wire install. There are no external antennas to connect and there is no drilling required. Anyone who can install a car stereo or alarm can do this, installing this hardwired GPS vehicle tracking system should not take longer than 1 hour.
By default these simple hardwired tracking devices do not make any noise. Although silent by default, some devices are capable of buzzing to correct driver behavior. Contact customer support if you are interested in this feature. All automobile GPS tracking devices have dim LEDs. You can cover them if needed and it will not impact service.
One RS-232 port and one RS-485 for external device connection or one USB port for internet access.
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