• 4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot
  • 4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot
  • 4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot
  • 4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot
  • 4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot

4G Vehicle OBD GPS Tracker with WiFi Hotspot

Model NO. IDD-213L

Sinocastel IDD-213L 4G OBD Tracker is a smart real time GPS vehicle tracking device compatible with trucks and commercial vehicles, this OBD GPS tracker features plug-and-play technology, plugs directly into the OBD ii port of any vehicle, no tools or wiring needed. Just plug the OBD device in and then start real time tracking in 1 min. OBD GPS tracker IDD-213L can also act as an in-Vehicle WiFi hotspot to share high speed 4G LTE network.

Sinocastel OBD2 GPS vehicle trackers are widely used in business and fleet management, which can track your vehicles and personnel to reduce fuel expenses and travel costs, monitor vehicle usage, monitor driver behavior and areas where vehicle is driven – obtain standard tracking information and gain full control of your fleet.

And we have OEM/ODM service, supply free gateway to make it easy integration with any vehicle fleet systems in 2-3 work days, saving testing & integration times.

Sinocastel also offers a FMCSA-certified Electronic Logging Devices(ELD) - 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker T-229L and Asset GPS Tracker.

  • Corporate Cars
  • Fleet Management
  • Car Sharing
  • Logistics & Delivery


4G WiFi Hotspot

Act as an in-Vehicle WiFi hotspot, up to 8 WiFi enabled devices can be connected to share high speed 4G LTE network.


Realtime Tracking

Can report the real-time location according the time interval ,distance,heading change.

Driving Behavior

Including speeding, hard acceleration, hard deceleration etc.

DTC(Error Code)

The OBD GPS tracker can detect the vehicle engine error sends you the specific engine code so that you can easily diagnose the problem.


Fuel Consumption

Tracking vehicle fuel consumption to reduce fuel costs.

Engine Data

The OBD device can detect engine data, such as RPM, speed, coolant temperature, etc, when your vehicles Check Engine light is on.


Statistics the trip mileage.


Easily plug in OBD ii tracker under the steering wheel, then start real-time tracking in 1 min on PC or mobile.

Size 63mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 26mm (H)
Weight 50g
Interface OBD interface: 16 pin standard OBD II
Configuration interface: Micro USB
SIM card interface: Micro SIM, Push-Push Type
Data transmission Packet data (GPRS/HSPA/LTE) and SMS
Positioning method GPS
Storage 8MB FLASH, up to 96,000 GPS data storage
OBD protocol ISO 9141-2
ISO 14230-4
ISO 15765-4
SAE J1939
SAE J1587/J1708
Working Voltage 9-36VDC
Working Current Max.: <200mA@13.8/27.6VDC
Average: <150mA@13.8/27.6VDC
Sleep mode: <10mA@12/24VDC
GPS Channels: 66
Sensitivity: -165dBm
Accuracy: 5m CEP
Time to first fix:
Cold start: <30s (typ.)
Hot start: <1s (typ.)
WiFi Frequency:2.4-2.4835GHz
WLAN Standard:802.11b/g/n
Transmission Data:
Cellular Frequency (IDD-213LC, China):
TDD LTE B38/B39/B40/B41
CDMA2000 1x/EVDO: BC0
GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz
Frequency (IDD-213LE, Europe):
FDD LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20
TDD LTE B38/B40/B41
GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz
Frequency (IDD-213LA, US):
Frequency (IDD-213LU,AU, South America)
FDD LTE B1/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28
GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
LTE-FDD Max 150Mbps (DL) Max 50Mbps (UL)
LTE-TDD Max 130Mbps (DL) Max 35Mbps (UL)
HSPA+ Max 42Mbps (DL) Max 5.76Mbps (UL)
Network protocol: Embedded TCP/IP stack
6-axis IMU Driving behavior detection
LED Indication GPS/Cellular/OBD indication
Cellular Antenna Internal
GPS Antenna Internal
WiFi Antenna Internal
Accessories OBD II extension cable
9-Pin deutsch wiring harness
6-Pin deutsch wiring harness
Power cable
Working Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 5%~95%(no fog)

OBD and OBDII refer to On-board diagnostics and its upgrade version

It is a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability,which gives the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of various vehicle sub-systems, including a standardized series of DTCs (Diagnostics Trouble Codes) for remedy purpose. One popular implementation of OBD is to use the standardized digital communications port (OBD port, which is usually set near the driver seat), to access extra real-time data of vehicles, such as mileage, engine data, fuel consumption etc.

OBD GPS Tracker is an innovative product integrating three parts into one mini size device, including GPS tracker, OBD device and 2G/3G/4G communication terminal. The device can be plug-and-play installed into most vehicles, and be powered through OBD port easily.

1. In contrast to other costly and complicated way -- breaking the wire of vehicle (which may lead to invalid of vehicle's warranty).
2. OBD GPS tracker can provide vehicle's positioning function, together with vehicle status monitoring remotely through Telematics service platform.
3. OBD GPS tracker is widely used in below scenarios: fleet management, vehicular monitoring by government, UBI (Usage Behavior Insurance) and other telematics services, etc.

Sinocastel IDD-213L 4G OBD Tracker is a small GPS location tracker compatible with all trucks and commercial vehicles.


Main Functions:

1. Real-time tracking
  • Monitor your car or vehicle fleet with the GPS tracker in real-time from desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
2. Read diagnostic data, including vehicle speed, RPM, ECT etc.
3. Read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data
4. Mileage statistic
  • Apply in insurance, rental cars, vehicle fleet management and and the other charge cost depend on mileage.
5. Fuel consumption statistic
  • Avoid abuse the fuel, stolen fuel.
6. Driving behavior monitoring, including speeding, hard acceleration, hard deceleration,excessive engine idle time etc.
7. Support passenger car / heavy duty / tracker mode
8 . Up to 24,000 GPS data storage
9. Data reporting according to time interval, distance and heading change
10. Ignition on/off detection
11. Vehicle battery monitor
12. Base station ID report (when no GPS signal)
13. 4G LTE mobile hotspot, connect up to 8 WiFi enabled devices
14. Alarms and events
  • Main alarms: Power failure alert, Geo-fence alert, Low battery alert, Tow alert, High engine coolant temperature alert, Over-speed alert
15. SMS alarm to user phone
16. Connect backend server via domain or IP address
17. Google Map link in location SMS
18. OTA FW update
vehicle GPS tracking solutions
With these functions, 4G vehicle OBD GPS tracker IDD-213L is widely used in vehicle fleet management, ELD solutions, car sharing & rental, car service shop, etc. Sinocastel can also supply vehicle GPS tracking solutions with the OBD2 tracker IDD-213L, including:
  • Logistics GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Concrete vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Mortgage vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Enterprise business vehicle management
  • Driving school GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Dangerous cargo GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Super Market vehicle management
  • Post Office vehicle management
  • Food transport GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Emergency vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions
  • Rent vehicle GPS Tracking Solutions
What's more, if you don't have professional technicians to develop software platform, Sinocastel can supply free gateway to help you. CONTACT US to get more info!
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