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Fleet Management

Sinocastel provide the turn-key GPS fleet tracking solutions for fleet management companies, simply plug our vehicle GPS tracking device into the car/truck/bus and then check our platform:, you will be able to see:

-- Real time tracking and historical location of your fleet vehicles.

-- Fuel consumption and mileage calculation.

-- Driving behavior, including speeding, over RPM, hard deceleration / acceleration, idle engine alarm and geo-fencing alarm.

-- Vehicle status, including low voltage alarm, high engine temperature alarm, engine fault code recording, etc.

Sinocastel also provide android and iOS app for our customer to check their vehicles via smart phone wherever and whenever, and supply free gateway to help integrate with your own platform.

Insurance Telematics

In recent years, insurance telematics becomes more and more popular in North America, Europe or even in China market, the OBD GPS Tracking device has already been used in the existed insurance industry for UBI and PAYD project and many people are seeking for this opportunity, Sinocastel does not provide the software solution for insurance companies, but we are eager to provide a hardware solution for those companies who provide software solutions for insurance companies, we have different types of OBD GPS tracker that can meet your requirements, we have OBD device with / without GPS , this can be selected if you have privacy concern, we also have 2G and 3G version device, work with us if you are looking for a hardware partner.

Mobile Asset Management

We offer hardware solution on mobile asset GPS tracking,it could help you monitor the asset location in one period and upload position to the backend software to ensure the asset is safety, and not stolen.
By using our hardware, you will be able to get:

-- Real-time position

-- Powerful magnetic adsorption

-- Low battery alarm

-- Anti disassemble alarm

FMCSA-ELD Available

We provide ELD and GPS telematics solutions that will help owners, operators, and drivers comply with the FMCSA ELD mandate, streamline operations, and increase revenue. We offer fleet management solutions for heavy duty and light duty vehicles designed for reliable, long term deployments in trucks, trailers, and other assets.

-- Improve productivity

-- Reduce costs

-- Improve fleet health

-- Improve fleet safety

-- Improve customer experience